Perspective on confidence

In Audio, often we hate our voices. 

Though, if we practice enough, we learn to control our voices and we learn to love how we sound. We also learn to love how we sound, once we learn to love the inspiration and content which comes from our mouths. We love ourselves a little bit more, the less we compare to others.

By coming back to the drawing board. We hear our voice in relation to how we feel.
Just as when we have an idea, and feel we are entirely inspired by the idea, we are in transcendence, and we are transfixed by the pure genius which flows through us.

We feel great while in the state of flow and inspired only to wake up with “No surge of genius” and we are back to the “normal” feeling which is our bodies reposing standard in order to maintain energy. 

We are in lesser states of being because to be in the enlightened state of creative genius would require a whole lot more energy. Hence why, when we come out we are often famished, or we are thirsty. 

We love and accept everything when we are in flow, we’re more discriminatory when we’re not.

So wouldn’t we assume that the software, when used correctly, functions well. And when we’re not adding clear lines of code(/directions) our minds seem like a jumble and so do we?

We could also assume that with time we experience more success’s, and we get more confident over a long period simply because we witness that somehow we’ve made it this far, had x amount of success and see things in a different way.

So by practicing life by living, experiencing, making mistakes, failing, practicing compassion, learning to relax, learning to achieve etc, its easy to assume that our earthly experience compounds up and equates to confidence.

In French, our voice is writen “Voix” and our path is written “voie.” but both spellings sound the same as X isn’t audible. Is it interesting to say that when we learn to love our path, we learn to love our voice also?

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