Limiting beliefs and creativity

When people break down their limiting beliefs, they become unstoppable, more creative.
How do you define creativity? How creative are you in your business or life?

I define creativity as an energy, for me its a state of flow where what I envision comes out in writing, speaking, music, ideas and visions or what I can draw or paint. (see for reference)

I would say I am very creative. There’s a difference between creative and productive. These are two different things.

Creative is the capacity to come up with ideas, to be stimulated and curious and driven to take action upon them. Finding those niche aha moments. It’s like an energy switch. Like turning on a light bulb. The energy behind the switch is something you cultivate and then allocate to whatever outlet, just like electricity. I also practice energetic transmutation, which is harnessing my sexual energy and focussing it towards my creative pursuits, or physical exercise like running or cycling. 

Creative is the coming up with the ideas before manifestation and having the courage to manifest
into reality.

Productive on the other hand is execution (depending also on your state of health and your learnt discipline). For me, productivity is simply applying one’s focus in a direction and simply laying down what we’ve been taught. Rather than the assemblage of concepts, visions, skills and talents.
In a way, to be productive doesn’t take a very bright mind. It just takes action and discipline. Just do it they say.

The intersection where creativity and productivity intertwine though is an interesting one. The creative person has become disciplines and knocks out idea after idea and does it well. Or the Productive person, becomes more creative and has moments of brilliance in the repetition. Even chain-work can be done in a creative way. Think of the Chinese workers who come up with effortless and yet ingenious ways to put 100000 articles into packets every day.

Although, creative and productive seem to be siblings to the same energy. Limiting beliefs tend to be arch enemies.
In order to break down our limiting beliefs, it’s necessary to visit them consciously. We must discover what it is about our beliefs that is untrue. And put these falsities to the test. Most of the time we’ll fall short and the beliefs will either keep us inactive (which will cause a lot of frustration), or will cause us to breakthrough the none-sense and disconnect from believing in such reductive ideas.

Positive words, rather than negative one’s tend to be helpful. And incessantly asking Why and not settling for what is a given.

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