As above, so below

You cannot fake happiness. Or if you do, the happiness you’re faking is so well imitated that everyone else gets the benefits but you. The same goes for success, or anything else where being in an authentic state supported by your external circumstances is required. The same goes for anything else worth experiencing.

This is why when you see a 20 year old on social media driving a sports car, and walking in a sky-scrapper apartment, you know off the bat they rented the car and somehow managed to “visit” the place they’re walking around in stupidly with quotes such as “I used to be poor, purchase my course to discover how I did it…” schemes.

Though most often, we witness other types. Where people who are good looking and well dressed,
have access via their entourage, to luxurious places, or present themselves in such a luxurious manner that it’s difficult to doubt their state of finance. Even if they have little to nothing set aside for themselves.

You can’t meet people who are successful, if you don’t have that level of development already within you.

I grew up around wealthy friends, and wealthy friends of parents, and somehow imbibed that degree of wealth in my way of being. Though, I also witnessed how hard these friends worked. So, I know what it takes to get from where they started to get to where they are today. It takes time, effort and a lot of down time where they miss out on parties and many enjoyable things. They essentially give up on those events until they’ve reached a phase where they can proclaim that they’ve made it. Unless they’re in university, and at that point they’re just flaunting their parents success mixed with the pride of passing an exam.

Though, it’s ever so important in todays environment, to observe what is actually true to what looks successful. Even a business can mascarade as successful by using venture capital money to buy glass doors and state of the art computes.. But if they’re not generating money based on a functional system,
they’re essentially flaunting someone else’s.

The attention economy asks for us to show off, give our information away, show others how well we’re doing, how smart we are, and give away everything which is most important in the hopes of blowing up on instagram or tiktok or worse, in the hopes that someone will come and give you money because they see your potential.

As much as these dreamy scenario’s exist, they really aren’t anything to hope for as they don’t constitute something one needs a skillset to do. Simply appeal to a specific audience due to your socio-economic base context and every single person in that same environment will like what you’re doing because it brings out something on their level as well. Example, a teenager dancing and saying stupid things. All teenagers in school do the same thing. Which makes them likeable as its a trend they can all access. Like the Apple logo club. If we have an Apple device, we suddenly become part of a select few who can afford
beautiful overpriced devices with very little capacity for evolution. – Yes I said it, don’t hate… –

Though, as humans, we all have similar capacities within us. Until we forge paths through difficult uncomfortable mountain paths through bramble bushes, have to jump over lava and get punched in the face by life. Then, the similar capacities everyone has, have little to no value, because anyone can do them. If it isn’t rare, it’s common, and if its common it’s probably very accessible. And who says accessible, also says cheap or tacky. – In most general circumstances at least.-

This is why Rolex is perceived as a status signalling good. A sign of luxury, of wealth, of success.
Because not everyone in the Market can buy one. Its value is slightly higher than a Tudor or quite a bit more than a Swatch.

Humans are a little like watches in that regard. Certainly some are like imitation Rolex’s with Chinese clockwork, and some are like Festina. The value is about the internal components. We know a Rolex when we see one. This is why we value some people and discard others. We know fake people, and know -most of the time at least- real people.

Though when the trials arise, and the watch is to be submersed under depths of water including pressure. The quality of said watch suddenly shows. Pressure exposes real from fake.
It’s the same with success, or relationships, or quality of work. Good elements become clear over time.
Initially, everyone may give a great impression or con you into thinking that they’re a good element, but overtime our thoughts and intentions become apparent.

We cannot fake quality. We cannot fake wealth. We cannot fake health. We cannot fake having done the work. If we do celebrate achievements before they’re completed, we run the risk of missing out on the value of celebration all together, as it will seem somewhat empty.

When you meet someone in the dating pool who is attempting to be rich for example, something will seem a little off, they will seem skittish, or be triggered, or play games, in order to mask the poverty.
We cannot hide what we are for too long. We cannot fake what we are. We cannot get away with pretending. It’s just not enough.

The work must be completed before, the trial of time must be experienced, the pressure must form us and be acknowledged, and we must be what we claim to be.

If we so much as make it without having a system in place, we might live a successful moment in time,
but overall, that moment won’t give birth to anything sustainable over time. Because we ourselves don’t have the patterns to keep that success, or that wealth, or whatever it is you achieved through scheming the system.

Just do the damn work!

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