All we can do is try

We hold convictions against those who’ve slighted us, only to see that our hurts have made us stronger. If in retaliation we’ve brought upon ourselves guilt and shame and the strength we’ve acquired has been from carrying the weight of our own hatred against a now invisible enemy who has long moved on.

We cannot save anyone, but we can uplift them maybe to see a light that wasn’t shining their way. Clouded by their faulty judgement, a ray of sunshine can give hope. Like a lighthouse for those lost at sea.

And if they come to bite the hand which came to feed them, in hope one believes to some extent that isolating one’s self from the offender will make a difference. Though, we’re more aware of the pain and frailties since they’ve shined a light on them. Isolating ourselves from the probability of hurt will cause us to have less allies to hold our hand through our times of trial. If we were hiding from the pain a previous entity created, after opening the door wide to let them in.

No doors can come to protect you against life. We’re simply at it’s mercy, and if we can suffer as gracefully as we’re permitted, without re-acting upon our fellow brethren, we’ll sleep just a little lighter at night. Nothing can prepare you for loss, except experiencing loss’s. But who on earth would want to experience loss?

All you can do is show up and be optimistic. Even if you’re not perfect, simply being there to lighten the mood, to bring a smile to someone in pain who’s lost their way. To hold someone you love while they’re feeling down and out, and to remind them gently, that it will all be ok.
You’re tough, be not afraid.

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