Are you ready to change or do you need someone?

Truth is, I believe we all evolve at our own rate, dependant upon our internal capacity to advance.

I keep on hearing people talk about coaches and mentors who accelerate your life.

But the truth is, you only evolve when you’re ready to evolve. You can read and research,
you can do therapy, you can speak your heart out. But, if you’re not ready to evolve
within yourself. No amount of external gurus can help you to overcome what it is you’re striving to overcome.

The same goes for discipline. I used to be hyper disciplined. Then my body failed me in order for
me to understand certain lessons in relation to hearing myself. And I have been working on discipline and the repetition of things. Though something stands out to me, and it’s not discipline.

It’s inspiration and motivation, and that comes from within.

I can literally create, paint, write, think and hours can fly by. I don’t need to sit in meditation for this to happen. I simply need to have a process in which I accumulate knowledge, or vision, or inspiration, or have an idea and I’m instantaneously pulled into the creation or the manifestation of it. I say this, because I can literally work 8 hours straight without interruption and time can fly by without me even witnessing it.

So where does that leave the hard-ass American discipline type people who have to act now,
regardless of if their limbs are falling off?

The best thing that happened for me was sickness. I lost my mind, and I was set on a track to be an outcast. I lost my health, and I was set on a track to recovery. I lost my friends, I was set on a track to overcome who I was and look at why I had said frequentations.

Though, all in all, I haven’t been in charge of my life, I’ve just been following my spontaneous
pulsions to go forward and do certain things. Hardly anything that I do in my life is fully calculated.

I go for runs, I have lazer focus in building my own empire, I paint, I write, I read, I search, among many things. Though, this is pretty much built into me while I was growing up. I achieved certain things, and it simply stuck with me. With the soccer team I got great sport routines for practice and training. While passing my a levels in french literature I picked up good habits around reading.
Then while I was in university studying law, I was introduced to blogging by a friend and I just started writing. I wasn’t great, and there is still room for improvement today.

But overall, in retrospect, I’m simply carried somehow by fruitful events or unfruitful events, and my perception picks up on specific outcomes. The details of those outcomes, like a new cog in the machine, come to complete my functioning.

I witness and I actualise my doing and my being.

We’re like onions, or snakes. We have skins which serve for a time, they protect us for a while,
then we outgrow them. It’s in the outgrowing of these skins that we become ready to take on
what ever challenges we strive for but don’t seem ready for.

The coaches make us aware of these skins, the mentors make us uncomfortable or point out that the skins are in our way. But, it’s only when we get uncomfortable with them that we change.

That discomfort comes from within, it’s an inner evolution which emerges when we’re ready to let go of the old ways. It’s an inner feeling which sais “No more” of this way I’ve been living.

It’s the disgust with the way we’re living combined with the desire for something we don’t have.
The duality of these two states combined create a tearing, and in that state of tearing the duality is destroyed and we strive towards the new state at the loss of the old one we can no longer stomach.

And in relation to this happening, external manifestation occurs too. As the world is us, as we change our perception, the world changes.

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