People cannot process change while it’s happening

People tend to perceive you as a fixed entity and the second you change, it eats away at their reference. They see you in a particular way. Like a snapshot in time.

And if you are consistent to that snapshot in time, they find ease and comfort as you
don’t ask too much processing power to comprehend. You’re the sure thing.

Either too fast or too slow to percieve, we often say “things are changing…” which is just another way of saying I can’t prove what I can feel, but I feel something is happening because multiple fractional and subtle events are taking place and validate what I know to be true through trial and error.

This is why people who remain loyal to their goals for years on end tend to be trust worthy.
This is why when you excel at one thing, you’re considered successful and people like you.

On the other hand, being a social butterfly, discovering, being curious, jumping from
one lilly-pad to another as a means of expansion of internal knowledge through external confirmations. It makes for changeability. And changeability, or the incapacity to define, leads to the unknown, and the unknown is scary to many people.

So, in phases of self discovery and trials, many people won’t understand you, or even won’t like you because the internal comprehensions you have while you’re aligning to what suits you best. – Which inherently is a continuous phase of unknown and discovery … – They cannot comprehend you, because in that moment in time you’re in a transitory state.
Your perception of yourself is changeable as you’re in rapid evolution. People cannot grasp that depth of rapid evolution, unless they themselves are in the same process of have been through it. Which makes the percentage of people capable of understanding you in that moment very small.

Though, your rapid evolution states are, like I stated in my previous article on failing early,
hitting intangible targets of personal reference only you can see or feel. Because mostly, like a civ, you’re getting rid of all the sand and searching for the pieces of gold.
Or in other terms, like a radar, you’re emitting beeps and getting solid proof in unsure territory. We’re essentially blind in this process because we’re searching for what and where our soul is and responds to and where it doesn’t. Especially when it doesn’t.

We’re confronted with a lot of empty space, until one day we discover a point of reference on our radar screen. Something shows up, and our internal captain see’s this. So we focus the efforts of the body and mind to go see what our senses have picked up.

Internal and personal confirmations. Very relevant for ourselves. Bat crazy for anyone who doesn’t understand the process you’re going through; or where it leads or what you’re striving through while seemingly picking up on invisible references to other people.

Though, obtaining and striving for these points of internal reference, you’re on a path,
on a journey of sorts. And who sais journey, sais change. As you climb your internal mountain, you’ll get stronger, you’ll have weak moments, and moments where you’ll need to rest. It’s not a motorway, it’s an unbeaten path of self discovery where you sometimes have to go back on your steps to find other ways. You must be willing to get lost, and in the process find new ways.

Most people don’t want to get lost. They want to go straight to the success panel.
They want to go directly to the Win booth without any scrapes or bruises. And as soon as
you get a little lost, they give up on you. Not because you’re bad, or because you made a mistake, but because they don’t trust that you’ll get anywhere, or don’t trust that you’re leading them along unbeaten tracks. They want the fish, they want the water, they want the comfort and they want it now.

So, while you’re going through changes, don’t despair, those internal points of reference you see on your internal radar. Well, you’re also seeing what is tangible on a social level.
You’re seeing what sticks and what doesn’t. You’re testing the waters to see where
there are places to walk, and places to swim. You’re observing who will continue on your path with you, and who’ll take the bus home to their comfort zones, to what they know…

You’re sifting and sorting what sticks and what fades away on a consistent basis.
And to be bluntly honest, most people will fade away in the face of you going through
anything uncomfortable. Remember, you’re walking your path for you. You’re walking your path for your own reasons, not to please others. You’re here for your own evolution,
and only in your own evolution can you serve other people. We can’t serve from an empty cup.

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