DHL The foot in the door policy

Today, we’re ever so careful as to who we let into our intimate worlds, even though we expose everything about them for likes and follows.

Though, lately, I was struck by a particuliarity brutal knock at the door, and I mean litterally and metaphysiaclly…

A driver came to my door and asked for me to pay for The equivalent in taxes to the price of the product I had ordered online.

I had purchased a package online and I was exited to receive it, especially for the price I purchased it. Okay, it was a pair of optical glasses… okay..

The point though, is how I managed to pay for a pair of glasses and then have to pay for the equivalent price at my door. Well, I didn’t technically pay for anything I refused the package. But the concept that others will accept the package and accept to pay outrageous taxes isn’t too far outside of reality.

While, I stand up for myself and even get angry at any form of injustice, even to my own detriment. Other’s, less informed, or less temperamental, might get conned into the idea they should pay for what they ordered even if its a scam.

The concept is this.
1) You order your product from an online store. So far so good.

2) Great news, your product is a whole lot cheaper than elsewhere.

3) No delivery fee’s? How is this possible in the magic world we live in? I’m walking on air! So you go through and put your credit card in. Your order is validated.

4) After a few days, you receive an email confirming that your package has been sent to you and will take X days. In their email, a little form with minute detail will show the price of product and also that the taxes haven’t been payed for the product. In a big message, the company tells you that no organisation asks for money or payment.

5) After 2 or 3 days, DHL will contact you and tell you that they are awaiting payment. You don’t think anything of it, as in your first email no one asks for money.

6) You receive an sms, then another, then an email.

7) You decide to call them and ask them to send it back to the company, because there is no way you’re going to pay 28 Euros in taxes, while a pair of plastic glasses cost 30 before benefit. No way on earth I’m paying 50% taxes. Even if the product comes from America. You explicitly tell them, that the order is a mistake and that you wish to cancel order and get refund. They guarantee you that the company will do so.

8) A strong knock at the door the next morning. A DHL driver in your face at 9 in the morning, with a package and a slight smerk on his face. Like some sleezy second hand car salesman. You refuse the package with a subtle and well handled “I already called DHL and the guy on the phone said it would be sent back.” The driver responds: “Just in case you changed your mind”. So he was intending to try to get me on an ill prepared weakness. Just in case, I wasn’t prepared to say no and doubted my decision.

9) 2 weeks later, the company still hasn’t refunded me and tells me that the package was sent by mistake and wasn’t charged. Only, the package was..
And even though 30 isn’t a big thing to worry about. I’m slightly angry at the idea that such a sleezy company -*ahem **, sorry I needed to clear my throat for a second- could get away with someone else’s money. Or even DHL delivery service could ask for the same amount in taxes than the company for the product.

DHL will come to your door, they will put your parcel in a limbo like space where, if you don’t pay, they will remain in possession of it. A little like an ultimatum.
You don’t want ultimatums in your life, or people who do ultimatums.
And if you don’t pay, you can’t have your order.

Don’t give your money to just anyone in this new year…

Stay away from DHL, and boycott

Stay safe, be well, happy new year.

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