Social ponderations

We all know that how we see others is related to how we see ourselves internally. What if,
others are simply materialisations of our most current inner beliefs, or our distant inner beliefs? Reflections of our current emotional evolution mirrored back to us through distortions of our internal values, like the carnival mirrors. They’re sending us back our intentions x feelings x beliefs x magnified by our confidence or lack thereof. All this through the prism of how clear they are in conscience and mind.

Maybe the way the universe works around us is like magnet frequencies, attracting and repelling energies which are equal or opposite in value? Whether we are open minded towards the futur potential someone presents to us, or a past which we now see clearly in someone else represents a sense of flow. While being closed minded to past and futur meaning we’re in a state of ebb, fear, unable to let go or unable to accept thus rejecting the concept we perceive.

Maybe people, are simply like firmware updates, testing what works better for us and what works less well. Reflecting a mirror of an energy we no longer wish to portray or carry with us as part of our tapestry.

When we encounter an ex for example, oftentimes all we can perceive about them is the emotion they left us with, or the vision and emotion we’ve had to create and accept in order to move forward since we last exchanged with them, or how we feel about them mixed in with a degree of self-esteem.

When we meet someone new, generally we don’t get the time to really delve into what they’re interested, vulnerable and resilient about, it’s all about first appearances. So when meeting someone new, first impressions are important because they give way to then having access to meeting that person again or being very clear about not wanting to at all. Though, first appearances define essentially how we see someone, they’re mainly based upon the social superficial front one has created and how practiced they are at showing you what they want you to see and know about them. This can become stagnant and lack depth. Though, very important, energy isn’t seen but felt. Its how we make the other feel in our presence, the intertwining of essence over each other’s reality.

Often times, people with beautiful fronts have very little depth to share as they don’t have the same search for meaning, as they believe it lies in their looks and how others perceive them. Seemingly or for some reason, as the external front has already been covered, they don’t have to search for internal meaning as much as someone who’s forced to rely on inner confidence, charm, experience etc. The latter takes a longer time to develop but ultimately cannot be taken away once achieved.
Rather than being vulnerable and having transparency as to what difficulties they are going through or have overcome they simply can’t relate to anything which will seemingly weaken them in the eyes of their peers. The power game is simply too strong.

Incorrect Power games are achieved by those who don’t or can’t achieve inner power over themselves. This form of Power is thus exerted over those who have less boundaries or less need to seek power over others as they don’t derive their sense of esteem from others but from their own accomplishments or in minute details of everyday life. Power games generally arise for those who haven’t yet taken the time to develop their core center. Instead of the grounding benefits, they experience a gaping hole which disables the individual from staying still and appreciating the details of their life.
Gratitude is thus a state less accessible as they depend on external circumstances instead of envisioning and then materialising. They function as leeches to external conditions, instead of organic growing beings. They cannot take from within because that would mean all they have to offer is the impossible feeling which they have to live with. Thus promoting either taking and using others, or dispensing a form of negativity. Power comes from feeling powerless.

Success, I have found is really being able to be at peace with myself, contemplating my surroundings, feeling grateful for what I have, having the opportunity to share my findings,
the process of ideas. Success is really something which I don’t show but a feeling. Success is the empowerment and magnification of a graceful overcoming, the experience of being exactly where I need to be to do and achieve what I enjoy. The capacity to evolve and progress towards higher levels within the practices of my focus. Seeing my skills flourish and grow, while enjoying every second of the process from start to finish. Success then becomes a secret garden, impossible to replicate for others, which the fruits beared aren’t produced, nor forced in a mechanical fashion. The process is pure creation. A unique mind, expressing it’s difference through the artistic abilities, supported by infinite time and space, needs met and wants fulfilled, empowered by curiosity, magnified by intelligence, undisturbed by an external noise produced from a world of lost souls craving always more of something they aren’t producing. The freedom to reply to no one but our highest potential. The secret, then becomes teaching others how to achieve their success and empowering them to stand on their own two feet so they don’t depend on us. The paradox of money making…

The paradox of money & Freedom making is achieving our own success while maintaining our own freedom. The balance is a fragile point between depending on others for our material freedom, and being invisible and free to act and be as changeable as we wish without any accountability. The two opposites, freedom and creativity. Creativity cannot be produced under pressure or with expectancies, while freedom can be achieved in our mind while sitting in a cave. Creativity is then something that should ensue as a process to enjoy. Then productised through a unique brand which clearly empowers one to take one’s time to create and report only to one’s need to produce at their own rythme. Otherwise, the creative becomes a factory worker producing in a Fordism-like manner. The complexity of human based productivity, especially in relation to creativity and inspiration based activities cannot be forced. This is where discipline and lack there-of clash. The disciplined worker will get up and squeeze out anything going on at the detriment of brilliant ideas. While the inspiration based creative will function depending on the energy at their disposal. We’re not machines. Especially taking into account Allostasis (the budgeting of our energy), and creating respectfully to what we’re able to save and cultivate. The idea that we’re to sit and force out everything and anything we can think of in a rigid manner isn’t human.
The strict need to sit in an army like manner and produce without any freewill or variabilities to what we experience or feel is lacking in human vulnerability and without vulnerability there is no courage. He who forces his productions doesn’t allow himself to have the courage needed to experience the ups and downs of creativity. “An artist is a person who performs any of the creative arts. This can range from painting to music. An artisan, on the other hand, is a skilled worker who makes things by hand.” Steven Pressfield for example is an artisan inducing artists to behave like artisans.

Regarding how we see society. It is often very clear that those who look at society and describe their hatred for it are actually projecting the hatred of their own flaws upon it. We only see the world as we are. For this reason alone, someone who see’s the world a specific way is only describing his own state through his detailed descriptions of it. Someone who points a finger at the corrupt are projecting what they would be if they were in someone else’s shoes with the same level of “corruption”. A scientist may see the world through the results he produces, but to be a negative scientist disregarding his emotions, his data will be flawed by his capacity to produce. Take the Emoto experiment for example, simply thinking negative thoughts on one glass of water opposes thinking positive thoughts on another glass. The results of this test are crystal clear. Our intentions projected on external matter distort the results. This is why even if factual responses like 2+2=4 for everyone apply, the “Factual” findings which apply to the world around are firstly far too many to take into account, but secondly matter around us changes with our outlook upon it. If that isn’t enough, we cannot see the good aspect in someone unless we appreciate it within ourselves on some level. We simply project the inner empires of our inner worlds. We’re conscious of the creation, or they’ve been forced upon us by mental heritage, either way, they’re within and we see the world in relation to our “IN-Formation”. The formation we’ve created within.

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