Waiting and Time.

Patience is simply learning to love your own presence enough to take care of your time. 

If you take care of your time, you can be as patient as you want. You won’t have the impression your time is fleeting, as you’ll be in possession of it.

If your time is diverted towards an outcome of your choosing, your life becomes wealthy and full of life and joy. 

If your time is allocated and directed by others, you simply forget the idea that anything is yours. 
Because your effort, attention, and time are spent living up to external references instead of coming from within.

Control your time, and your life becomes yours. When your time is controlled by others, your body, attention, finances, energy and patience depend on someone else’s decision. Your patience thus becomes what you are willing to endure while not on your path. Patience while on your path, is simply a matter of time allocation into your actions and focus.

When Time is given to others, it is wasted. Where we could be using our time for creative, productive, inspiring, pursuits which would benefit others far more than your time. People benefit more from your actions than they do by you not doing anything.

Playing with the oppositions of experience, doing things we don’t want to do, makes the times where we do what we want to do more valuable. Giving our time away, is the equivalent of wasting it on trivial pursuits which don’t empower us. 

We see how willing and patient we are with ourselves to give away such a precious commodity,
when we allocate our time and attention to other people. While its noble to focus on others,
being fulfilled is a far better example than not and the way to achieve this is by being productive and focussing our intent on a constructive building process (tangible or intangible).

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