My take on brain food?

Food, is fuel. 

Though, we also have brain food, such as inspiring information, knowledge and facts. 

The more natural, unstressed, qualitative types of food we provide our bodies, the better the outcome. 

We imbibe energy, which is converted into thoughts. Our thoughts combine and like a painting, transposed upon a canvas, our thoughts transcribe the subtle, the strong, the intensive and powerful frequencies which are expressed through our inspirations.

The better the quality food, the better our bodies will react and conduct themselves.

The better the quality of literature we imbibe, the more inspiring the thoughts. To discover what quality means for us, is to understand what and how we aspire to produce. 

When we produce thoughts, if we consume anything relating to noise, fear,
violence, disharmonious, uninspiring, dull. We essentially put processed foods inside our mind. Our digestive systems digest the dull, processed food and our physical quality is also disqualified.
It is important to chose quality, always. Not letting money or popularity chose the quality of your life. But letting the quality of your life be more important than it.

When we chose quality, I have often had the unfortuitous disadvantage to meet people who’d favour money above quality, in many domains. From an observational point, their lives also transpire those choices, so do the fruits bared by their minds. 

It is of utmost importance to chose people of quality who inspire us and pull us
upwards and inspire us to do better. I’m not talking about snobbish tendencies to
discriminate financially how someone looks, but to simply observe where peoples minds are, and what their habits are, as well as how developed their minds are and the words they chose to share.

We’re talking about people who live near us and have the same advantages as us, yet cannot see how wealthy they are with what they have. These people, like leaches, will suck the energy from your inspiration and leave you feeling empty and dull as they are questioning the quality of your choices, the quality of your mind, and the value of who you are. They bring you down to their level and make you doubt everything about yourself. 

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