How do I stay consistent in changeability?

What is consistent is my soul, which I have developed my relationship with.

My soul has become more and more distinguished for me as I have evolved through pain over the years. As if cracking the eggshells away from the white egginess of our souls, we discover an intangible yolk. The white, is more like our mind which is capable ofexpanding as far as its content. 

The Yolk is our soul, which fragile, remains under the surface of a thin membrane, yellow like the sun, with a satin like texture which, like the moëlle of spine is cultivated over time in such detail and accumulation. Like Shilajit it is essential, thousands of years of crushing elements together, making the most essential edible content which is so compact, yet so dense, yet ever so rich. We stay consistent when we are guided by our soul purpose. 

Our soul purpose transpires as:
Passion (physical energy for what we are doing. engaged.)
+ Progress (for what we are doing)
+ Inspiration (the soul must be enlightened by the
activity. We must be all absorbed!)

= Soul purpose.

The soul purpose, is our personal interest, (what we have most worked on in our life), combined with what we share with the world to help and uplift. 

It’s a combination of what turns us on, keeps us focussed, what we would do if we didn’t get payed for it, what we’d continue doing anyway and what we’d do even if we hit the jackpot. 

Our soul purpose, is the middle ground between our curiosity, inspiration, expression and our capacity for refinement (making it palatable for others to comprehend – choosing a way to express/share with others).

If we are following our soul purpose, we remain consistent while the world around us changes. It is the only thing which cannot change, because it is our CORE. It is the work of our lifetime. The accumulation of all the hardships and goals we strive for.

Our circumstances will change, our finances will change, our looks will change,
our voice will change, as well as our interests, our capacity will change as will our
relations. But as long as we remain loyal and consistent to our soul purpose, our life
remains somewhat consistent. And everything has a purpose and sense and,
in the words of Napoleon Bonaparte.

“A superior power pushes me towards a goal of which I know nothing; as long as it has not been attained I am invulnerable, unshakeable; as soon as I am no longer necessary for it, a single step(fly) will suffice to topple me.”

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