You can’t change who you are.

There is something inside of you that you cannot change, no matter what experiences you go through, no matter what you do, you cannot change. You simply uncover and chip away at what is stopping you from perceiving yourself as clearly as you need to, so you can act in a more harmonious way more aligned to who you really are. 

It’s as if you believe you’re an old Lada, but you’re actually a Porshe or a Ferrari. We see ourselves through distorted lenses which disable us from attaining our higher potentials. 

These lenses, we acquire them over the course of youth, childhood and difficult experiences. Defense mechanisms, fear of things happening again, desire of things happening again, etc. The result is we get stuck looking at life through specific lenses we don’t need anymore. They simply get in the way of living how we need to live. 

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