How did you overcome false beliefs?

Coaching and following my intuition.

Coaching helped me have an unemotional mirror which would send me clear feedback as to what I was projecting, and unbiased information in order to evolve on specific topics. Through coaching I was able to pinpoint false beliefs by being as vulnerable as could be. Taking note of the words I utter. Observing repetitive patterns and the limitations which come up in my life.

Developing my intuition – on the other hand- came from trial and error, testing my intuition over and over. Making mistakes over and over, just to see if I was right. Just to confirm the feeling I had in my gut beforehand. And this over the course of a long time.
This is something you do because you’re curious of the outcome.

Confronting our reality to actual reality, helps us to see if we are going wrong.
Where the trial and error of results based action will help us define where we’re going right.

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