Past relationships a thing of the past?

Truth is, I couldn’t have seen this coming, but I’ve grown.

Out childhood is full of wonderful and dreadful situations. We make our knowledge of
the world based upon what we’re introduced to.
And if we grow up seeing our parents a specific way, the simple way of seeing them will taint our outlook on the world and our relationships will, in consequence relate to our perception.

I feel fortunate enough to have revisited the way I perceive my parents and to have worked on my relationship with them and how I see them. I’m grateful to have let go of the way I saw the world before. It’s beyond amazing.

Up until I started doing the work about 10 years ago, I had a vision of how my parents were, which was preset within my mind. I seemed unalterable, in fact it didn’t even cross my mind. Some things where set in stone and life was pretty much dependable on how big an ego one could afford to display.

The way we see our parents affect our relationships, and if something we perceived as painful was our standard and norm to relationships, then the people in our lives would represent just that.

Though, a few years down the line, meeting people again, I experience a shift.
Although, I’ve been through vortex’s of change. I’ve experienced dimensions of reality contrastingly different from anything I knew before, when I met most of the people.
So, simply meeting these people again, I cannot help but see them in a positive light because that is how I look at the world and treat people.

Their actions, most of them unforgivable or unacceptable, even if really well disguised in polite forms of humour and excuses, cannot relate to what I am now. It simply doesn’t match what I am and therefor serves as a contrast to my evolution and theirs.

Funnily enough, I’ve experienced shifts which cannot support what I used to be.
This means, I can no longer surround myself with the people I used to know.

It’s a little like changing your car from diesel to electric. The old friends are stuck in their gas guzzling ways which no longer apply to your reality. While your new acquaintances and the people who want the best for you and deliver what is best for you, are on another energy source.

One pollutes (your mind) and keeps you in the past, the other is striving to go forward (and strives for more efficient and respectful alternatives).

It seems like it’s time for spring cleaning, and when letting go of what no longer fits, you make space for new updated, cleaner and better fitting solutions.

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