Thoughts on the effect of love

The thought of losing love is a scary thing for anyone, even the toughest of us.
The gnarly stomach knots one gets in the stomach when they try to go forward with their mind while their heart still hopes, even with all the information proving its time to leave.

We experience tense nervous responses in the midst of breakups as we’ve been exposed and potentially healed. Though, throughout the exchange during the relationship, we were picking up on subtle and not so subtle inputs. We add these subtle but profound tweaks to our command center as we have access to it in those times.
Being in a loving relationship opens up doors you didn’t believe you had, especially if the person triggers patterns from a very long time ago.

If the door they open, in which they add new input, is on a profound level, it changes fundamental beliefs within us. These core beliefs then align and alter the nervous composition which synchronises our physical bodies into the application of our internal laws. We’re governed by the software inside us.

What we knew before the relationship becomes out of date. We need to update. Our hardware then struggles to apply the new concepts into physicality as we’ve been living a specific way for a while. Our bodies are in the habit of living one way, while being exposed to our ways gradually shows us what doesn’t work and what is unhealthy.

Then, when the relationship comes to an abrupt end, our nervous system with its tense wiring shifts as if to adapt to the new software. This is our gut churning and the intense discomfort we have inside which makes us want to cry. Though, it’s simply a shifting of our physical reality and perceptions which are adapting to a new, evolved way within.

It’s important to not force ourselves in the moments after, as our bodies are already going through a lot of emotional upheaval, this demands a lot of energy. But more importantly it’s important not to force our body with our minds and simply let our body adapt to the new updated software we now have or the letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.

What ever we do, the emotions need to come up to the surface, then we can get back to work.

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