Singular blueprints; one size fits all knowledge.

We live neither in the era of Jesus, nor do we live in the era of King Salomon, Martin Luther King Jr, or even Bill Gates… even if he lives in the same era as us he wasn’t born in the same generation as mine and his mind formed very differently to that of my generation for example.

As much as there is interesting and maybe coherent information stemming from different era’s, societies and other people; globally, their lives are different from yours.
Their quotes may inspire motivation or might compel you to action, an aspect in their life and how they delt with it may give you key insights in miming it.

But their lives may only give you a piece of the jigsaw puzzle you need to build your life. Copying other people and doing what they do is a recipe for disaster, simply because their call to action ignites something within them. Though, your internal blueprint, even if similar, is different. Your call to action, your “Aha” moment, your passion towards achieving this one thing is stemmed/linked/stems from something deep down inside you.

Everyone has a different blueprint, no matter how similar we are to each other, in appearance or values, we are deeply different on a number of levels. For this reason, we must simply sift and soft, picking information and taking from what people say with a light pinch of salt. As Opposed to taking the entire jar of salt which would make the dish/project/idea you’re working on disgusting and would spoil the end result.
We, as entities, have different aura’s, vibes, mindsets, perspectives, etc and take away very different conclusions, albeit similar from specific situations, but overall no two people are the same, no matter how much they look alike, sound the same or have similar thoughts…

When we take space and ground ourselves, or better put we “center ourselves”,
we are like Micheal Angelo, refining and thus freeing the sculpture from the brute material, the vast amount of information pilled up in our mind and creating our masterpiece: the idea or the perception. The cornerstone, which becomes foundation to our point of view.

By adding and retracting specific knowledge and accepting or rejecting information, our minds are sorting the wheat from the chaff. Some concepts will stick with us like cement, others will have to be disguarded. Though overall it is in the refining that we discover the essential of what we need.

I say this, bearing in mind my own sensitivity. For this is how I function specifically.
My mind, like a basket on market day, adding the produce of knowledge as my curiosity and interest wax and wane. Until a point where my basket becomes heavy.

I can either:
Get stronger, by going to the Gym and pushing myself so that I can carry more next time.
Separate the fruit and vege/Ideas and concepts, into multiple baskets.
-Make a trip to the Car/home and come back for more.
-Or admit that I have enough until the following week when the farmers come back to sell their produce. Time to go home and consume the food.

The same principles apply to our minds with knowledge:

We can either become stronger and force our minds to accumulate more information, thus rendering the Idea to be colossal and fortified. Many Specialists have this capacity.

We can Separate the bits of information into multiple bite size pieces in order to digest them and comprehend them. Imagine eating a 20Ounce Steak in one bite; you’d choke.
Smaller bite size pieces, deconstructed and then assimilated over time as having processed the whole steak/the majority of the subject, makes it easier to digest.

We can take a pause, offload our minds and come back to our information once we’ve cleared our minds. Offloading can be helpful, in that we overly saturate our minds by pushing the rythmes and quantity/quality of that which we need to consume. Usually we are taught that we need to do more, force feed our minds, and push through until it becomes acceptable and easy to us. Though, like bodybuilding, we’re still stressing our body to achieve a result. We have allocated energy and interest to delve into knowledge.
Once spent, its time to do something else to replenish the energy.

Or, we can be satisfied with the knowledge we have of the subject or matter and come back to it later. Sometimes and most times, we don’t need as much as we think we do.
We simply need time and rest to come back to it later with a more satisfied perspective or appreciation.

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