Psychological updates

Have you ever wondered about the concept of why highly successful people will only associate with people who are higher up than they are? And why they need to be surrounded by an entourage of people who make their lives better simply because the people who are around them are better in respects to X or Y domaine?

Its about the concept of psychological updates.

In us, we all have a masculine and feminine internatal structure. This internal structure is based upon our internal father and mother. The knowledge which, has been looked upon and worked and updated to the latest and best firmware our emotional connections can deliver. Our minds then try to make sense of the relationships we currently have or had and then once the “installation” or psychological adaptation of the new Masculine or Feminine internal reference inside our psyche’s we feel a sense of freedom inside which inspires us towards action with a new perspective.

The new perspectives are based upon the fact we changed our base knowledge upon which we are experiencing the world. Our current perception is changed upon the evolution of our internal Masculine or Feminine references.

So, for example, meeting a mentor will help us, if he is a man, to evolve in regards to our inner Masculine. Same for a Feminine reference.

This also works when you’re in a relationship with someone. If the relationship is really difficult to accept and deal with on an emotional level, this simply denotes internal tectonic plaques moving our entire perception due to the depth at which they are working upon us. Now, I’m not referencing superficial relationships, obviously you’ll have to have done the work on yourself, and many entrepreneurs have.

Though what I’m grabbing at here is the depth of a relationship and how able you are to share on a profound level will ultimately alter your perception on a core level. This is why relationships with family members are the hardest to deal with and why arguments with family members are so raw. It’s straight to the bone. And the more open you can be with someone, the stronger the shift when arguments take place or changes occur.

For example, if you’re struggling with someone who has traits you simply cannot accept, the confrontation with that individual will create a visceral reaction within you. The nature of that emotion, in the moment will be intense and maybe difficult to get over, but ultimately you’ll be moving core foundational settings within you.

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