Make your work vulnerable

Guilty. I haven’t been around since I last put my blog on hold…

I need to confess. It hasn’t been from laziness, mainly from doubt. 

I’ve been writing, even without publishing my articles. 

Sharing my work though, has been what I’ve been procrastinating about. It’s not that my work is even worthy or original or even in any form interesting.

I’ve put in on a pedestal in my head, which has been preventing me from sharing it. 

Now, instead of sharing and building a wider audience, keeping consistency and simply working at making my articles better as I write them. I’ve been hypothesising, withdrawing and then self doubting.

I haven’t been exposing my work to criticism. Which has prevented me from receiving any form of external reference. Having no external reference isn’t productive even though we’re the only one’s to ultimately decide if what we’re sharing makes sense, is the best quality we can produce and is shippable.  

Without actually looking at the quality of my work, I’ve been drafting it as soon as it gets to an acceptable state. Is it shippable though? The fear of not being able to express something without rejection or indifference. 

I have a perfectible nature, which leads me to want to make my work better and see most flaws yet never be utterly content with it. Which means, I ultimately postpone publishing because the nature of my work is either too similar to other peoples,

uninspiring, or lacking any quality of content. Obviously, if its only blabbering, there isn’t much point in saying it at all. That’s what drafts are for. 

-I think we can very easily focus on what is wrong a lot of the time. Especially when it comes to writing. Which leads to inaction or fear of conviction towards taking action. – 

I say this bearing in mind that even the best writers have a draft box/sketch-pad full of mistakes and screwups. 

Hence why I write articles which aren’t perfect. I do this on purpose, just to get over the point of publishing. Then I might come back to it later.
Research, write, edit, post, repeat.

If you aren’t satisfied with your work, that is fine. Continu working on it until you’ve reached the desired outcome.

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