You Should Build from Here

We all start of at different places in life. Some get the possibility of being born into billionaire status, while others start off with very little if not nothing at all.
Others start with even less than the middle 0 point.

A good idea I have found for myself, is to  “Build from where you are.”

Take the example of the beach: people go there, walk along the sandy surface, some jump straight into the water, while others simply sit on the surface and wait while they slowly bake to golden or red color. The idea is that we see sand at the level we walk on, though if we dig a little deeper, we find that sand goes down lower than what meets the eye and foot.  Dig a hole in the ground, and suddenly there is a lower point than what you yourself are walking on. some people stay on that middle ground, some walk on the level of the depth of the hole, while few decide to build above ground level. In all cases, change comes from Building, or in this case metaphorically “digging” one’s own grave…

Where ever you are, assess where you are, what you can do, and build from there.
What are your skills? What are your low points?
What are you passionate about? What do you despise?
Its about creating a global understanding made of precise pointers.

I’ve found that in life we go about, sometimes aimlessly, running after money.
Though it is not the money we are after, but what we think it will bring us when we get it. Sure, we’ve all heard this before with Tony Robbins and the other motivational speakers.

Though, it’s not the outter reality we should be fighting so hard in, but the inner one where we should be looking for peace and visioning what we could manifest. For years, I fought my environment, I fought my tools, my means, myself, everything…

Though, it’s not what I have outside that I was fighting, but what I couldn’t accept in myself.  Now, you’re (“I” who are reading this) not my psychologist or therapist, but we’re all capable of practical psychology and understanding. This understanding is innate in all of us, helping us rid ourselves of outdated thoughts, make sense of what works and doesn’t work for us. As if we were all born with a lack of clarity and as time goes on, our perceptions become more and more clear about who we are on a soul level.

On a spiritual level, it’s as if the duality we live in is here to teach us through our “pains”. We are to understand the pains, in order to then go forth in reality with less blockages.
The example would be taking your car to the Car repair shop, sure you’re able to drive the car, but does it function optimally? Do you drive with the hand-break on? Would you rather drive a car which has a motor which keeps on Chugging and tugging along when you want to go forward or do you want a car which is fluid and seems to glide forward effortlessly?  The same is true in life. Everyone wants to have a fluid, carefree life, full of good things. The path isn’t always clear. This is because of a lack of information one is exposed to. Or in some cases the inability to see all the cards one possesses, like in my case.

Lets go back a little. Look at your mum and dad, and how you see them both, look at your siblings (in your minds eye, not literally…) and see the global idea that comes to mind when you try to paint a picture about them. When you can describe them clearly, you see the aspects you get to work with as an individual. I see my mother a certain way, and thats also how I see myself. Someone who hates their parents ultimately hates themselves and it is only when they learn to love and see what is great about their parents and siblings and to get along with them (if possible of course) that one really thrives. Otherwise, we’re just cutting ourselves off from who we are.
Just like that popular quote one see’s on instagram. “You judge yourself when you judge others” – This becomes somewhat clear on a personal level with family and also all the different aspects you come across when you’re confronted with people along your path in life. We meet aspects of ourselves, at the perfectly right time, in order to heal, fix, let go of, empower and so on… When for example I meet people in life, my understanding is that everyone you perceive in life is a part of yourself which you are to discover, let go of, and so on… and in the doing so, we evolve towards the ultimate aspect of who we are –  on a soul level at least. Our mind is a great tool, and it does as best as it can, but isn’t always effective when trying to grasp the complexity of a moment. – as our time on earth.

Picasso famously expressed that “the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  – We can find our gift in numerological charts if we don’t know what it is yet. I’m born on the 21st and in numerology, this adds up to a 3 – which is expression.  My gift is my expression in life. My Purpose is to express myself, my ideas, my understandings and what goes through my mind.


Literally, your purpose can be found in the simple process of looking backwards from where you stand today, and observing what you do and have done repeatedly. What you have been attracted to during your life and what you are afraid of doing.
It will all add up. You’ll be able to Build your profile.

An example:

-What are your skills

– take your Birth day and find your gift number (numerology)

– Take your CV and look at the formation and jobs you’ve had. What did you do?

– Take a look at your experiences.

– Observe your challenges and what you do to make yourself feel safe.

– What is your primary MBTI personality type?

– What kind of people inspire you? Who do you find yourself drawn to?

– What types of books do you find yourself drawn to?

– What role do you find yourself constantly repeating?

– What are your reactions to family members?
This exact information has helped me; may it help you too 🙂

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